The next Team Member evicted is…

…no one, there is a draw!

This leaves “enthusiastic, nerdy, easy-going” Jenn, “Ducth, wanderlust, Doc” Floris, and “Curious, passionate, innovative” Elie to fight it out for the £500 prize in tomorrow’s final.

Who would you like to see win tomorrow’s final battle? Make sure you VOTE for your favourite.

Posted on March 17, 2016 by modangela in News. 5 Comments.

5 Responses to The next Team Member evicted is…

  1. 444btr37 says:

    Come on jenn

  2. 663btr38 says:

    I vote for Floris. Because he is, kind, enthusiastic, smart and answers my questions in a way I can understand.

  3. hollowayt16 says:

    My class are very eager to find out who the winner is.

    Mr Holloway
    McGough Class, Hillcroft Primary School.

  4. 663btr38 says:

    Evict Elie!!! We had a live chat and he didn’t do it and then when we were still on I’m an Astronaut we realised (half an hour later) that he was on the other chat!! 😖😖😥😪

  5. 252btr38 says:

    Yes Mr Holloway (aka:My class teacher)
    We are very eager to win

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