• Question: Do you think that robots will become so advanced that they take over the world and also, do you think we could make a robot that could walk on the sun?

    Asked by pandalivv2005 to Elie, Col Op, Floris, Jenn, RocketRich on 10 Mar 2016. This question was also asked by THE BIG MAC, Sammy Beck.
    • Photo: Elie Allouis

      Elie Allouis answered on 10 Mar 2016:

      World domination by robots would be some time away..so you can sleep safe for now.

      We are just looking into making robots more intelligent to better understand their environment. But was is easy for us – like avoiding obstacles, working together – is still quite difficult for them, so we are still a long way.

      As to making a robot that walks on the sun – difficult as most of the materials on Earth would melt – The sun surface (the cool part) is at about 5500deg Celsius. Your oven only heats up to 220deg max.