• Question: if you had the opportunity the travel to mars and carry out experiments would you

    Asked by Owen to Col Op, Elie, Floris, Jenn, RocketRich on 4 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Jenn Wadsworth

      Jenn Wadsworth answered on 4 Mar 2016:

      YES! Might even meet Matt Damon whilst I’m at it! 🙂

    • Photo: Floris Van Den Berg

      Floris Van Den Berg answered on 4 Mar 2016:

      I would, depending if Jenn & Matt are behaving 😉

    • Photo: Richard Moss

      Richard Moss answered on 4 Mar 2016:

      Yes. It is a long trip, but definitely worth it.

    • Photo: Elie Allouis

      Elie Allouis answered on 5 Mar 2016:

      That’s a good question…
      …as an engineer I know how things are built and I am aware of the risks.
      It is quite a long way away and I don’t know whether I would have the patience to stay in a small space for that long…you cannot really decide to go out for a (space) walk.

      Having said that, I am sure the experience would be mind-blowing…but this is also why we are building robots, the next best thing until we really get there, so that we can explore some more.