• Question: in the future would it be possible to film space movies in actual space

    Asked by RealDaringNote62 to RocketRich, Jenn, Floris, Elie, Col Op on 11 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Columbus Operations

      Columbus Operations answered on 11 Mar 2016:

      We already make a lot of video recordings on the ISS! For example, during his stay on the ISS Tim Peake has filmed scientific experiments and video messages which have been sent back down to Earth. So in theory, yes. We can make video recordings in space, therefore it would be possible to film a movie there. However to film a Hollywood-style space movie in space would be pretty tricky. Getting into space isn’t always so easy! The logistical aspect of launching all the filming equipment, props, and actors into space would be tough. It would be very, VERY expensive – it currently costs thousands of pounds per kilogram to launch something to low-earth orbit. It’s much easier just to film on Earth and use CGI to augment the video. But in the future, assuming that launch costs decrease and if there weren’t too many special effects required (we generally like to avoid explosions and gun fights on the ISS!) then maybe it could be possible to film a pretty fun movie in space 🙂