• Question: @Jenn In Space Is There Any Serious Debris & Were You & Your Team Scared About The Space Debris ?

    Asked by TechRAT to Jenn on 16 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Jenn Wadsworth

      Jenn Wadsworth answered on 16 Mar 2016:

      There is a serious risk of space debris. NASA and other space agencies are having a hard time keeping track of it all and it could be lethal if someone was struck with debris during a space walk, even unmanned missions run the risk of being destroyed if they run into unexpected debris. There are lots of things to be scared of in space, but you know you’re in good hands and have practised for all emergency scenarios. So the best thing is to not dwell on all the dangers, otherwise we’d never even leave the house!
      It’ll be very important in the near future to have some kind of ‘debris gathering’ system in place to de-clutter the space around earth!