• Question: what is the food like that astronaut's eat?

    Asked by Tom Clarke to Col Op, Elie, Floris, Jenn, RocketRich on 4 Mar 2016. This question was also asked by 🍕Caspar lee🍕.
    • Photo: Richard Moss

      Richard Moss answered on 4 Mar 2016:

      They have a variety of food to choose from. Most meals are the same as we eat, only dried. They have to add hot water to make them “come alive” again.
      Most crew prefer spicy foods as the taste sensation becomes a bit weak in space. In fact, there are even science experiments which measure how they react to different tastes in space.
      They get to try different options before flying, and we try to give them their favourite foods. Good food makes you happy. And a happy astronaut works the best.