• Question: what part of the team do you play?

    Asked by chino to Elie on 17 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Elie Allouis

      Elie Allouis answered on 17 Mar 2016:

      Hi Chino,

      A robotics engineer, and in my case as a robotics Systems engineer, I am like the conductor of an orchestra (the guy with the stick at the front 🙂 ). I need to know how every aspects of robots are designed and built, and from that, I can guide experts in all the different topics – mechanisms, electronics, mechanical, software – and create the link between them because sometimes one will not understand the constraints of the other.

      Take a rover on Mars – you could make big wheels to go over large obstacle, or you could make then very clever and avoid obstacles – we are trying to find something in the middle that minimise mass and complexity.

      But beyond these aspects, I also do a lot of hands-on stuff, building, assembling and programming…no 2 days are the same – difficult to get bored 🙂